To deliver long-term stable return with upside potential to our investors.


Each of our funds has its own return requirement. We target to deliver risk-adjusted returns through implementing our key strategies without undue loss of capital in mature market overseas specially in locations and properties lagging in the cycle with upside potential and value creation opportunities through active asset management.

Mitigate risk through rigorous due diligence, deal structuring and active portfolio management.


Depends on the unique investment criteria of each fund, the key investment strategies are as follows:

(i) Active asset management strategy – We will actively manage our property portfolio to achieve growth in revenue and Net Property Income and maintain optimal occupancy levels. In addition, we will also look to drive organic growth and build strong relationships with the tenants of the properties. Examples of asset management duties include the formulation of business plans, budgeting, leasing and marketing.

(ii) Active asset enhancement strategy – We will seek property enhancement opportunities to support and enhance organic growth. Examples of asset management initiatives include configuration of the building to make better use of space and create additional accommodation, change of use of an asset, and reconfiguration of tenant-mix.

(iii) Acquisition growth strategy, supported by affiliate's networks with global renowned medical schools, life sciences companies and scientists – We will achieve portfolio growth through the acquisition of quality income-producing properties and value-added opportunities that fit within the Portfolio’s investment strategy to enhance the return and improve future income and capital growth.

(iv) Capital and risk management strategy – We plan to employ an appropriate mixture between debt and equity in financing acquisitions and utilise hedging strategies where appropriate to manage interest rate volatility and foreign exchange exposure for the Portfolio.